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Identity Frank Winston
Race Formerly Human
Gender Male
Powers Leech Energy

Leech is as much a victim as he is a villain; this now-monstrous creature was a victim of circumstance. Now he serves at the will of any being capable of exerting their mind over his own. Possessing abilities of camouflage and an energy-draining touch, as well as the cunning of a predator, Leech is a powerful servant to any supervillain that can gain control of him.[1]

In Champions Online[]

Leech appears in the game Champions Online under the employ of Talisman. He can be found in the Desert, in an Irradiated Goldmine, leading a force of Irradiates; his servitude may not be voluntary, as he is wearing a medallion of Talisman's design which may control him against his will.

For the article on the character's appearance in the Desert, see: Leech (Atomic Wasteland)


Mission Objective



Perk Objective

Perk Vanquished Leech Vanquished Leech

Appearance & Personality[]

1981 Leech

Leech (1981) from the Enemies sourcebook

Frank Winston appears as a fusion of man and leech, his red eyes staring from a head bearing a mass of slimy flesh where his mouth should be. His body is a grayish-brown in color, and in place of hands and feet he possesses an array of suckers. Winston's personality appears to have been completely erased, replaced by an instinctual and evil malevolence.[1]


Leech is a predator, and capturing his prey is his primary concern. His targets are often selected simply as a result of hunger and opportunity, though they can also be defined by the command of a master that has wrested control of the creature's mind. Leech holds a particular hate for beauty, and will go out of his way to attack individuals possessing such a countenance.[1]


Frank Winston was formerly a common cab driver in Millennium City, with no superpowers and no history of note. One night, however, after picking up an unidentified fare, Winston's will was claimed by the mysterious man in his back seat. Led to some sort of arcane study, Winston became a victim of circumstance; ritualistic energies forcefully twisted the man's flesh. When they subsided, all that had been Frank Winston was gone, replaced by the evil that would become known as Leech.[1]

Skills & Abilities[]

Leech engages opponents in close range combat, preferring to launch an attack after gaining the advantage of surprise. He attempts to latch onto foes so that he can drain them of their strengths and vitality. His body is capable of adopting a range of pigmentations and patterns, a form of camouflage, and possesses a limited degree of elasticity.[1]

Known Associations[]

The identity of the being or beings responsible for Winston's transformation remain unknown. The man's personality and past were lost in the transformation and, though cunning, Leech is more animal in mind than man; he cares little for relationships, other than those that have imposed their will upon him.[1]

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