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These perks are similar to knowledge perks and are obtained in the same ways. Some of them requires you to complete a specific set of missions, while others are complete arcs. You might also be required to read journals, find books or read history plaques in various zones.

Unlike Knowledge Perks, ALL Lore Perks record the text of lore you uncover in the Lore tab of your mission pane.


Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Learn the Ropes Learn the basics of how to be a Super Hero in Champions Online 10
Knowledge Save the City Protect and Assist the people of Millennium City 0
Knowledge Stop the Invasion Stop the Qularr attack on Millennium City. 10

Canada In Crisis[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Learn the Ropes Learn the basics of how to be a Super Hero in Champions Online 10


Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Good for the Spirit 0
Knowledge Imitation of Life 0
Knowledge Necrull Intentions Stop Necrull's corruption in Burial Butte 0
Knowledge Necrullitic Research Discovery the history behind Necrull's power 0
Knowledge Of Two Minds 0
Knowledge Pop the Clutch Stop VIPER’s research at The Clutch 10
Knowledge Rude Awakenings Put an end to VIPER’s Project Awakening 0
Knowledge Running Out the Renegades Sabotage the Hunter-Patriots at Renegade Run 0
Knowledge Searching in Shadows Investigate Shadowy happenings in Hoarfrost Hills 0
Knowledge Snow Thrush Job Investigate ARGENT's Snow Thrush Sanctuary 10
Knowledge Terra De-Forming Disrupt the alien Gadroon's attempts to terraform the Canadian Wilderness 10
Knowledge The Demon of the Lost Do battle with the Demons of the North and find a way to defeat Tillingkoot, the Demon of the Lost 10
Knowledge The Good, the Bad and the Undead 0
Knowledge The New Pollution Stop pollution in Canada 10
Knowledge War of the Foots Help the friendly Chiyetah tribe 10
Knowledge What's Mine is Mine 0

Desert Disaster[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Out of the Wasteland Stop the Irradiate attack on Projet: Greenskin 0


Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Area 51 of Uncertainty Help reporter Jerry Jelic discover the truth at Area 51 0
Knowledge Atomic Science 0
Knowledge Snake Gulch Main Arc Discover what's happening in Snake Gulch. 0
Knowledge Snake Gulch Minor Arc Take care of the troublemakers of Snake Gulch. 0
Knowledge Source of the Disorder 0
Knowledge VIPER Project: Stein Put an end to VIPER's research into weaponizing Grond. 0
Knowledge War Never Changes 0


Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Cherenkov's Radiation 0
Knowledge Fully Submersible 0
Knowledge Marine Memoriam 0
Knowledge Murky Waters 0
Knowledge Pirates of the Abyss 0
Knowledge Shadow of the Shark Men 0
Knowledge The Lemurians are Revolting! 0
Knowledge Those Who Dwell in Bleakness 0

Millennium City[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge A Gathering Shadow Complete missions:

Memorial Park Peacekeeping

Artifact of the Annihilation

Makin' Tracks

Harmon Convergence

Downtown Dustoff

Discord and Harmony

Knowledge Blind Psi-ded Investigate the strange going-on around the self-help company Mind, Inc. 0
Knowledge Blood for DEMON 0
Knowledge Breakout of the Big House Chief Surhoff could use help dealing with a Prison Break in Westside in Millennium City 10
Knowledge Deep in Psi-ed 0
Knowledge Destruction of Mass Production 0
Knowledge Foxbat and Fandom]] Foxbat's causing all kinds of trouble in the Westside district of Millennium City. 10
Knowledge In Love and Gang-War 0
Knowledge Purple with Rage]] 0
Knowledge The Truth is Right Here]] 0

Monster Island[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Alternative Energies 0
Knowledge Corporate Predators 0
Knowledge Egg-Static 0
Knowledge Manimal Resources Stop ARGENT's Manimal abductions in the Feral Tangle 0
Knowledge March of the Manimals Cripple Moreau's Manimal Army in Wells' Pass 0
Knowledge Master of Manimals 0
Knowledge Nest of Serpents 0
Knowledge No Probes Allowed Disrupt Qularr scientific studies and recovery operations in Wayfarer Coast on Monster Island 0
Knowledge Robots, Radiation, and Rampage Recover the design for Mega-Terak from the Qularr 0
Knowledge Ruin from the Ancient Past 0
Knowledge The Cast Away 0
Knowledge The Flame of Krim 0
Knowledge The Qularr De-Fleeted Find a way to disable or destroy the Qularr attack fleet in Wayfarer Coast on Monster Island 0
Knowledge The Unnatural Imbalance 0
Knowledge The Wild Life 0
Knowledge The Worms Crawl Out 0
Knowledge Walk with the Manimals 0
Knowledge When a Curse is a Blessing 0

Vibora Bay[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Gang Historian: Vibora Bay 0
Knowledge Vibora Bay Gangs: Dogz 0
Knowledge Vibora Bay Gangs: New Shadows 0
Knowledge Vibora Bay Gangs: Sovereign Sons 0
Knowledge Vibora Bay Gangs: Trey Kings 0

Multiple Zones/Multiple Arcs[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge Aliens of Earth Fight the Alien Invaders of our planet 0
Knowledge Building a Better Serpent Stop VIPER's super-soldier research 0
Knowledge Corporate Malfeasance 0
Knowledge Perfection of Madness 0
Knowledge Revolution Under the Sea 0
Knowledge Shadow of the Destroyer 0
Knowledge The Kings Shall Rise 0
Knowledge The PSI Conspiracy 0


Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Knowledge All About VIPER Read all VIPER handbooks 25
Knowledge The Crowns of Krim Discover the plans of the Crowns of Krim 25
Knowledge Destroyerology 101 Read all the books about Dr. Destroyer. 25
Knowledge Destroyer Research 0
Knowledge Gadroon Orders 0
Knowledge Karkaradon Texts 0
Knowledge Lemurian Carvings The Will of the Rastrinfhar - location: (1040, 75, 5335)

The Creation of the Lemurians - location: (1220, 1190, 2890)

The Rastrinfhar and their Creations - location: (1925, 1230, 3010)

Knowledge Machine Revolution 0
Knowledge Mad Correspondance Locate all research notes 25
Knowledge Mystery of Mechanon 5
Knowledge Qliphothic Lore 5
Knowledge Qularr Operations 5
Knowledge Reflections on Destroyer 5
Knowledge Teleios' Experiments 5
Knowledge Teleios' Journals 5
Knowledge The Crowns of Darkness, Blood and Fire 5
Knowledge The Harrowing Read all Books of the Harrowing 25
Knowledge The Vengeance Journals Read all Vengeance Journals 25
Knowledge VIPER Recruitment Investigate VIPER recruitment tactics 25
Knowledge VIPER's Supersoldier Program Find information about VIPER's Supersoldier Program 25


Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Alien Invader Loremaster Alien Invader Loremaster 00
Dr Destroyer Loremaster Dr. Destroyer Loremaster 00
Kings of Edom Loremaster Kings of Edom Loremaster 00
Mechanon Loremaster Mechanon Loremaster 00
Viper Loremaster Viper Loremaster 00