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Lost Amongst the Mutants
Level 8 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Mission Start Colonel Vanderbilt
Mission End Colonel Vanderbilt

Mission Chain

Corporal Biehn

Colonel Vanderbilt

Apparently some of the new equipment I ordered for our Science Division was stolen by soldiers loyal to Major Gertz. Now their experiments are stalled until we get that stuff back! Care to help out? The Project Greenskin scientists would sure be appreciative if you did. Head into the eastern side of the Burning Sands, near the mutated PRIMUS soldiers, and you'll find the stolen research equipment there.

- Colonel Vanderbilt


Collect 4 pieces of Stolen Research Equipment around the Mutated PRIMUS camp.


In Progress[]

Have you retrieved that stolen research equipment yet from Gertz's men? Those mutated soldiers are dangerous and crazy, and if they mix the wrong research compounds together, they could end up blowing Burning Sands off the map!

- Colonel Vanderbilt

On Completion[]

Thank you, friend. This equipment is too valuable to risk falling into the wrong hands!

- Colonel Vanderbilt


  • 2,050 Exp
  • 34 Resource


Perk Objective[]