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Lost in the Snow
Level 7 Mission
Zone Canada in Crisis
Mission Start J.J. Shepard
Mission End Justiciar

Mission Chain

[5] The Ordeal of Oceanica 408

[7] Oceanica's Other Threat
[7] Passengers in Permafrost
[6] Shepard's Cry
Oceanica Passenger J.J. Shepard
[7] Lost in the Snow

[8] Subzero Servant

[8] Into the Storm

Listen... as soon as our plane went down, those creepy ice demons showed up and started taking hostages! They hauled away my friends, but I managed to escape. Can you save them, {name}? I've seen some of them around the crash site to the East of the Steelhead gates!

- Oceanica Passenger J.J. Shepard


Help J.J. Shepard find his lost friends and rescue them from menacing ice demons.


  • Find the Lost Passengers and Rescue Them
    • Passenger John -- (/loc 110, 31, 925)
    • Passenger Finn -- (/loc 230, 7, 1145)
    • Passenger Cathy -- (/loc -260, 51, 1485)
    • Passenger Furley -- (/loc 180, 5, 1520)
  • Return to Justiciar

In Progress[]

Have you found my friends? You can't leave us stranded out here with those crazy ice demons around!

- Oceanica Passenger J.J. Shepard

On Completion[]

You have our gratitude for saving all those unfortunate crash passengers. There's no doubt they would have died out there, if you had not have saved them when you did. You saved them all-and not a moment too soon!

- Justiciar


  • 3,700 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 68 Resource


Choose One
SD Items Armsbody 03 Synthetic Plating SD Items Science Gadgets 14 V4 Kinetic Compensator
SD Items Martialarts Torso 05 V01 Grim Resolve SD Helmet 002a Neural Relays