Champions Online Wiki
Faction The Maniacs
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side

Madmen are Villain-level enemies and members of the Maniacs villain group. They can be encountered in Millennium City, primarily in the district of West Side. They gather south of the Prison, around Leo's Bar, and along the docks.


Faction Symbol The Maniacs 001
Madmen are members of the Maniacs, a gang based out of the West Side district of Millennium City. Primarily hand to hand brawlers, they close with opponents in a fight whenever possible. However, they also possess duel pistols, allowing them to fight at range if necessary. Holding greater status in the Maniacs than the majority of its members, they are usually encountered singly or in the company of a follower of lesser ability.

Blade Man Mobs[]


Perk Objective[]

Faction Symbol The Maniacs 001
Pop Psychology
Faction Symbol The Maniacs 002 Rubber Room
Psyche Ward

Variant Costumes[]

Madmen are encountered in any of two costume variants, each with identical abilities and firepower.