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Mail to the Chief
Level 2 Mission
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Mission Start Mayor Calvin Biselle
Mission End Chief Surhoff

Mission Chain

Sergeant McAvoy



[1] Heroes Wanted
[1] Seeding Frenzy
[1] Gear Up
[1] Chip off the Old
[1] Millennium's Mayor

Mayor Calvin Biselle

[1] Mayor's Mementos
[2] Mail to the Chief

Chief Surhoff

[2] Citizens Distressed
[2] Prescription Retention
[3] Silver Avenger Sandwich

Mayte Sanchez

[3] Signal to Noise

Holographic Silverback

[4] Full Metal Jacket
[4] Homestead Security


[5] Picking up the Pieces

You are just in time, {name}! I have just received some reconnaissance information that Chief Surhoff needs to see ASAP. These photos show the Qularr massing for an assault on his position.

The Chief needs to see these photos soon if he is going to be able to reposition his officers in time to make a difference. The Qularr are jamming our communications with him, so someone needs to take them to him. I think you have the best chance of getting to him in time. Can I count on you?

Be careful. The Qularr have placed organic mines between here and the Chief to prevent messengers from getting to him. Just follow the road west until you see another police barricade.

- Mayor Calvin Biselle


Get the recon photos to Chief Surhoff. The Chief is located near a police barricade west of the starting area.


In Progress[]

Hurry! Surhoff's position could be attacked at any moment!

- Mayor Calvin Biselle

On Completion[]

Talk about cutting it close! I'll redeploy my men immediately! We have a good chance of fighting off the impending attack thanks to that intel you delivered!

- Chief Surhoff


  • 80 Exp
  • 19 Resource


Choose One
SD Chest Bare 001a Qularr Exposure SD Implant 001a Hive Mind
SD Fist Bare 001a SUO Training SD Items Mysticism Gadgets 09 V11 Trismegistus Coin