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Malakai Blue in CO
Malakai Blue
Identity Dan Meier
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Team Malakai
Base of Operation University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Ann Arbor is a suburb of Millenium City)
Powers Energy Projection; Enhanced Speed, Agility, Strength

Malakai Blue is one of the fictional heroes in Champions Online.  

Teaser []

In May of 2004, a young couple from the suburbs of Paragon City were granted powers to stop Lord Bredd and his evil space aliens. After his defeat in 2007 Team Malakai were called to defend Paragon from the invading Rikti attack force. Feeling their time with the Vangaurd was over, they moved to Millenium City to start over. Then a new, more powerful menance screamed across the sky; the Qulaar. Malakai Blue and Malakai pink were needed once more! Our story begins again...


After just getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Dan Meier and his new wife Lisa moved from the West Coast to Paragon City, Maryland.  Shortly afterwards, the East Coast was under attack from a duo known as Lord Bredd and Zita Saucita.  The evil emporor sent his Yeasters, mindless creations made from yeast and magic, to start a takeover of the world, starting with America's East Coast.  On their way to a research lab that recently hired them, Dan and Lisa were caught in the middle of the attack.  During a military strike on the invading Yeasters, a tank round misfired and hit a skyscraper near City Hall.  A large section of the skyscraper fell and apparently killed the young couple.  The battle raged on and escalated to new heights when Lord Bredd himself joined in the battle with his lieutenant, Plant Batter.
Bredd completely decimated the Army and National Guard.  With most heroes cleaning up the Rikti War Zone and all others defeated long ago, there was no one to stop Lord Bredd’s advance.  When all seemed lost, an immense flash of light appeared through the building wreckage.  When the light subsided, all the remained were two spandex clad individuals.  Dan had been transformed into Malakai Blue, while his wife was transformed into Malakai Pink.
Faster than anyone could have seen the two new champions raged through the battle field taking down enemy after enemy.  After a long exhausting battle which resulted with the destruction of Plant Batter, Lord Bredd retreated from Earth to his newly established moon base.

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