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Sentient robot supervillain determined to wipe out all organic life on Earth; one of the most dangerous supervillains in the world.

Mechanon has the ability to create sentient robots from nearby metal and computer circuitry. These robots vary in strength, power, and intellect depending on what they are created from.

Champions RPG[]

1982 Mechanon

Mechanon (1982)

1984 Mechanon

Mechanon (1984)

Mechanon was first introduced in the 1981 (picture added in the 1982 revised version) Champions RPG 1st Edition source book but looked like a clunky (but tough) robot. He was then streamlined into an efficient looking killing machine in the 1984 revised handbook.

Mechanon was a nearly unstoppable robot invented by a superhero group to protect their headquarters against super foes. Unfortunately, a flaw in Mechanon’s micronic computer brain made him pledge himself to the painful death of all organic life. Mechanon’s megalomania will not allow him to accomplish this quietly; he must attempt grand scheme after grand scheme. To guard against the unlikely event of his own demise, robotic factories have been plated around the world. They are programmed to rebuild Mechanon with any improvement necessary to stop the effect that caused his last defeat.

Mechanaon’s point totals are not balanced, for he is a villain of epic scale. The GM should normally only use Mechanon singly against several heroes. Other versions should be constructed as he is defeated, putting in new powers and defenses.