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Medusa's Office
Medusa's Office
Level 20
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Coordinates 8200 248 1610
Bosses Medusa

Medusa's Office is an interior instanced mission map accessible from the City Center district of Millennium City. It is the location of the objectives of the mission PSI-ed Effects, given to heroes by Kinetik.

The villain Medusa has been using an office in the City Center district of Millennium City as a base for her criminal actions. She managed to infiltrate the city's leadership, and even used her abilities to manipulate the community's heroes, getting them to defeat PSI's enemies.


The entrance to Medusa's Office can be found in Millennium City's City Center district. It's accessed through a door on the north face of the Mind, Inc. building, found on street level.

Millennium City
City Center

Mission Location[]




  • Mind, Inc. Inductee
  • Mind, Inc. Proctor
  • Mind, Inc. Neophyte


  • Mind, Inc. Hypnotist
  • Mind, Inc. Slicer

Named Mobs[]


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