Champions Online Wiki
Super Villain
Faction PSI
Level 20
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Instance Medusa's Office
Faction Symbol PSI 001
{name}, I've got some really bad news. One of MCPDs finest, Corporal Antoine Harrison, is currently mind controlled by the PSI supervillain Medusa!

Medusa has been exploiting people and superheroes through Harrison to PSI's benefit.

It gets worse, {name}, Medusa has a secret identity within the City Administration, under the name of Madeline Bell. She's been giving officials false information about the whereabouts of the Mayor's daughter and working to keep us from finding her.

Go into the Mind, Inc. offices and defeat Medusa so she will relinquish control of Corporal Harrison. Once she's defeated, talk to Corporal Harrison. You can find Medusa in one of the offices in the Mind, Inc. building, east of City Hall.

- Kinetik -- Mission Introductory Text: PSI-ed Effects

Based out of a Mind, Inc. office, Medusa has been using her psionic abilities to influence some of Millennium City's finest in order to forward her own goals. To make matters worse she has taken an assumed identity, Madeline Bell, and managed to establish herself as the City Administrator.

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Perk Objective[]

Perk Vanquished Medusa Vanquished Medusa
Faction Symbol PSI 001
Faction Symbol PSI 002

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