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Mental Retribution
Level 11 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Giant Brain's Projection
Mission End Giant Brain's Projection

Mission Chain

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[8] The Hunters Hunting

[8] Infiltration Cessation
Hunter-Patriot Lieutenant
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Capt. Susan Connors
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Giant Brain's Astral Projection

[10] Travesty of Justice
[11] Execution Dissolution

[11] Mental Retribution
[11] Brain Storming

[9] Troubles in Rime Woods

Now that I have helped you, I ask you return the favor. I have not yet been imprinted by Teleios and I desire to retain my free will. The Overbrain seeks to take that from me and even now conducts experiments. A shipment is due with equipment I am unsure I will be able to resist. I will confuse the driver and have them stop south-east of here. Explosives can be gathered from storage containers or from Hunter-Patriots. Please remove that threat, {name}!

- Giant Brain's Astral Projection


Destroy the Overbrain's shipment of mind control technology with Hunter-Patriot Explosives.


Mission Notes[]

In Progress[]

Have you destroyed that brain control technology? With it, the Overbrain will surely break me.

- Giant Brain's Astral Projection

On Completion[]

You have my sincerest gratitude, {name}! Without the control technology, the Overbrain won't be able to break my will.

- Giant Brain's Astral Projection


  • 5,500 Exp
  • 2 Resource100 72 Resource