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Millennium City's Most Wanted
Level 15 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Chief Surhoff

Mission Chain

Chief Surhoff

We're finally getting this jailbreak under control, but I'm particularly worried about three violent felons. We need to get them back behind bars before anyone gets hurt. Talk to Tony Madness, you can find him hanging out in Leo's Bar. He might know where these guys are hiding. Here, Use my holo-inducer to create a disguise so no one suspects you are a superhero. I bet you'll get information on the felons' whereabouts. Careful, that place is a hangout for the biggest criminals and toughest lowlifes.

- Chief Surhoff


Use Chief Surhoff's holo-inducer to get into Leo's Bar, located West of the city jail. Talk to Tony Madness to find the locations of the three most violent felons. Find and defeat all three fugitives.


Mission Notes[]

In Progress[]

Have you made your way over to Leos Bar yet? Our undercover officers say that place is crammed with the worst types of criminals, the sort of depraved lawbreaking scum who steal passwords to hack into people's MMO accounts and delete their characters!

- Chief Surhoff

NPC Rendezvous[]

I understand you're looking for the Escaped Prisoners, Harly McDunnough, Gil Everett and Caleb Showalter? I got no love for those losers. How about I tell you where you can find them?

I know that Harly McDunnough is in the New Purple Gang area, near the big warehouses.

Gil Everett is hiding out in the Red Banner Clan territory near the Cambridge Biotechnologies laboratory.

Caleb Showalter is hiding out in the Black Aces neighborhood, in one of the covered warehouse bays.

- Tony Madness

On Completion[]

Good work rounding up those three violent repeat offenders. Trust me, those lawbreakers won't see the light of day until I am old enough to retire from this job, and I don't plan on leaving the M.C.P.D. for a long dang time!

- Chief Surhoff


  • 7,400 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 93 Resource


You Will Also Receive:
PO Power Replace Marts Singleelectricity Thunderbolt Axe


Perk Objective[]

Lore Breakout of the Big House