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Millennium City
Millennium City
Author(s) Darren Watts
Publisher Hero Games
Released March 1, 2003
Binding Paperback
Pages 136
Retail Price $21.99 (print)
$16.99 (pdf)
ISBN 10 ISBN 1583660127
ISBN 13 ISBN 9781583660126

Welcome to the City of the Future!

Millennium City is a high-tech, glittering metropolis built on the ruins of old Detroit - and the perfect city for superheroes and their arch-enemies! Full of adventure, intrigue, and supervillainous plots, it's one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the Champions Universe.

It includes:

  • a review of Millennium City's history, geography, politics, and daily life.
  • information about law enforcemnt, the underworld, and superhumans in Millennium City
  • details about locations of particular interest, such as Millennium City University, the Barlowe Hotel, and the Renaissance Center
  • character sheets for over a dozen new villains and NPC heroes, including Dr. Silverback, Jade Phoenix, Hazard,and more members of PSI
  • hundreds of scenario hooks for GMs and character ideas for players
  • a seperate GM's Vault section for "GM only" information, so players can use the book without learning any of the secrets the GM plans to create adventures around

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