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VIPER Report
VIPER Report, inside the Clutch

"Millennium City Recruitment" is one of nine interactive objects that contribute to the Perk VIPER's Supersoldier Program.


"Millennium City Recruitment" can be found in the Rime Woods, in a briefcase found within the lab complex known as the Clutch.

Interactive Object[]

VIPER Report
  • Coordinates -- (/loc -1465, 50, 2535)

Object Text[]

Per your command, we have compiled this quarter's VIPER recruitment statistics. Worldwide, VIPER recruitment has met or exceeded recruiting goals for the fiscal year, with our combat and espionage divisions exceeding its goal by by a full 8 percent. Recruitment in our science and weapons technology divisions were up by, respectively, 4.5 and 5 percent. We credit these increases to our new program which allows recruits without felony convictions to enlist, and well as aggressive new techniques employed by recruiters who have received mental enhancements from our Canadian "Project Awakening" facility, and are now able exert subtle telepathic influence upon potential recruits.
The sole area where recruitment levels were lower than expected was in Millennium City. We attribute this to the recent appearance and activity of the superhero "{name}," though we have taken the additional precaution of executing the VIPER Millennium City Recruitment Commander. As a result, expect to see higher recruiting results for Millennium City in the upcoming fiscal year, as this unit is incentivized to try and make up the difference.


Perk Objective[]