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The Millennium City Tutorial is designed to teach a new player the controls and aspects inherent within the game Champions Online. The primary mission chain walks players through the zone and ultimately leads them out of the tutorial and to their choice of the two following Crisis Zones, Desert Disaster or Crisis in Canada.

Millennium City Tutorial Mission Chain[]

Sergeant McAvoy -- (9236, 199, -1643)

SOCRATES -- (9102, 199, -1662)

Mayor Calvin Biselle -- (9030, 199, -1631)

Chief Surhoff -- (8240, 190, -1237)

Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez -- (7895, 198, -1077)

Holographic Silverback -- (7392, 202, -1362)

Defender -- (Instance: Champions HQ)

Additional Missions[]

Level Quest Name Type Start End Notes
1 Student Buddies Escort Melanie Breanna Biselle
2 Cat-astrophe Delivery Reggie Martha Reece
2 Right Off the Bat PvE Foxbat Objective Completion
2 Vacation Salvation PvE Clayton Griswold Clayton Griswold
3 Speed in Need PvE Police Car Radio, Location Objective Completion
3 Urbanites Incapacitated PvE Trapped Citizen Chief Surhoff
5 Power Up PvE Ravenspeaker, Witchcraft Powerhouse Trainer