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Minding the Mutants
Level 8 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Mission Start Corporal Biehn
Mission End Corporal Biehn

Mission Chain

Corporal Biehn

Colonel Vanderbilt

I've got a device I'd like you to test out. This crazy doodad allows you to mind control certain weak-willed beings. Use it on one of those deranged PRIMUS mutants, and bring them back to me for medical treatment! You should be able to stun them and then use the device on them to break their train of thought. You should also know that this device has not been fully tested and control may only last around 5 minutes so try and hurry. You can find the mutants out in the eastern side of the Burning Sands, just past Colonel Vanderbilt's observation post. This will only work on deranged PRIMUS mutants, any others are far too powerful for this prototype device.

- Corporal Biehn


Stun a Mutated PRIMUS Soldier through combat then use the Mind Coercion Emitter and bring the PRIMUS Mutant back to Corporal Biehn.


In Progress[]

A lot of people would not be comfortable knowing their government is creating mind-control devices. We'd like to get the device back under lock and key, so don't dawdle with it, ok?

- Corporal Biehn

On Completion[]

Good work. Some people get headaches after they use the mind control device. I have aspirin if you need it.

- Corporal Biehn


  • 4,100 Exp
  • 68 Resource


Choose One:
SD Upgrade Primary Metatron Sandstone Treatment SD Hood 001a Mystic Hood


Perk Objective[]