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Minion of Malice
Level 13 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Mission Start Edomic Orb
Mission End Witchcraft

Mission Chain


Edomic Orb

  • [13] Minion of Malice

Karathos Circlet

Peering into the orb, you see a vision of Talisman's supernatural minion Leech creating an Irradiate army inside of an old gold mine within the Atomic Wasteland. Holding the orb, you get the distinct impression Talisman used it to control Leech. However, when she was defeated, Leech was freed from supernatural servitude and is plotting a terrible revenge against humanity. You get the strange feeling that the Orb showed you this to mock you, or to lead you into danger.


The orb you found has shown you a vision of Talisman's evil minion Leech hiding among Irradiates within an old gold mine in the Atomic Wastes.


Mission Notes[]

  • Entrance to instanced mission map the Irradiated Goldmine can be in the bluffs overlooking the northern Atomic Wastes. -- (/loc -1535, -191, 1345)

On Completion[]

You must be commended for your bravery. You took down both Talisman and her horrifying servant Leech. Not many heroes could have defeated even one of them, let alone both.

- Witchcraft


  • 6,500 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 51 Resource