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Harlequin Teddy Bear
Faction Misfit Toys
Zone Millennium City
A heinous villain known as Black Harlequin has decided his latest Escapade is to ruin the holiday spirit in Millennium City! He has switched some of the presents the Toy Master has placed around the world with ones filled with dangerous and deadly attack toys.
- Toy Master's Apprentice

Misfits are enemies unique to the "Attack of the Misfit Toys" Winter Event. These dangerous creations of Black Harlequin have been hidden among the giftboxes left for the heroes of the world by the Toy Master. In addition, the accompany their master and his most recent toy, Clarence the Mechateddy, as they attack to Charity Workers of Millennium City in a bid to bathe the holidays in blood and screams.


Misfits take the form of various seemingly-harmless toys, only revealing their true purpose when they draw for their weapons to attack. Four additional styles exist in addition to the Harlequin Teddy Bear shown above.

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