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The Misfit Toys is a Villain Group featured during the "Attack of the Misfit Toys" Winter Event. Led by the mad jester Black Harlequin, these mechanical monsters terrorize Millennium City as part of the Harlequin's escapade of ruining the city's holiday season. Harlequin has placed Misfits in giftboxes hidden throughout Millennium City, the Desert, the Canadian Wilderness, and Monster Island. These boxes, scattered by the Toy Master, are intended as gifts to the world's heroes. In addition, Black Harlequin has unleashed his most recent creation, Clarence the Mechateddy, upon the Charity Workers gathering holiday donations for the city's homeless children.

Misfit Toys Perks[]

Two perks are linked to the defeat of Misfit Toys. Each is unique to the "Attack of the Misfit Toys" Winter Event, and cannot be earned after the event has ended.

Event AMT Broken Toy 001.png Broken Toy
Event AMT Misfit 001.png Misfit

Misfit Toys Open Missions[]

  • Primary Article: March of the Misfit Toys

Black Harlequin has taken to the streets, leading his attack toys and his newest creation, Clarence the Mechateddy, in a rampage through Millennium City. Harlequin has singled out the city's Charity Workers as the targets of this most recent escapade, and can be found terrorizing them where they have set up to receive holiday donations for homeless children.

Misfit Toys Units[]

The Misfit Toys Villain Group is comprised of three different types of enemies, all Monster-level opponents and all unique to the "Attack of the Misfit Toys" Winter Event.