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Mission: Demolition
Level 8 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Mission Start Colonel Vanderbilt
Mission End Colonel Vanderbilt

Mission Chain

Corporal Biehn

Colonel Vanderbilt

It looks like a few munitions crates got airdropped to the wrong location. To make matters worse, the squad of soldiers sent out to recover the crates mutated! Destroying even one of the crates before those brain-addled mutant soldiers can use the weapons would be helpful. Return to Colonel Vanderbilt and inform him of the situation.

- Colonel Vanderbilt


Find a PRIMUS equipment crate in the Mutated PRIMUS Camp and destroy it.


Mission Notes[]

  • Three Munitions Crates can be found in the Mission Area, each indicated on the overhead map individually.

In Progress[]

I wondered what was keeping those men. You need to destroy that munitions crate ASAP. The last thing we need is crazy, mutated soldiers getting hold of a bunch of explosives and weaponry.

- Colonel Vanderbilt

On Completion[]

Thanks, {name}. Now I need to track down the pilot that mistakenly airdropped those munitions, and give him an earful.

- Colonel Vanderbilt


  • 1,025 Exp
  • 17 Resource


Perk Objective[]