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A zone in Champions Online and the Champions Universe.


  • Monster Island is unlocked by completion of a level 30 (available at 27) crisis mission.
  • Monster Island may be reached by helicopter from Millennium City and from the Canadian Wilderness.
  • Monster Island is connected to Lemuria via submarine.


On a remote island about a hundred miles off the eastern coast of Japan lies a volcanic atoll dubbed by the Tokyo press “Monster Island.” This rocky, mountainous island is the home of a government base designed to study xenoforms, or “monsters.” Monster Island is nothing less than a game preserve and habitat for unique or alien creatures too dangerous to hold captive or study anywhere else. Among its permanent inhabitants are the famous monsters Ganika, Vakulon, and Mega-Terak, as well as the enormous atomic mutant lizard Zorgatha.

The base, run by the Japanese government, is protected by a powerful force-field generated by equipment “liberated” from the alien Qularr (who attempted to invade Earth in 1965 using several of the monsters now living in the habitat). The facility is at the foot of the currently dormant volcano, with one level above ground protruding from a rock wall, and the remaining four levels below ground. The entire base is serviced by an undersea tunnel that passes under the force field and out onto the ocean floor, where a pressurized portal can dock a submarine for supply and staff rotation.

The Japanese government department for dealing with the paranormal, known as Bureau 17, works closely both with American officials and UNTIL to handle the giant monsters the area is known for. Indeed, Bureau 17 includes some of the world’s leading experts on xenobiology, as well as robotics and artificial intelligence. Monster escapes are rare but not unknown, and Bureau 17 maintains good relations with Japanese supers for precisely this reason. Super-scientist Takashi Toru has retired from active duty and now devotes his time to studying both the monsters and the various pieces of technology the Qularr left behind (though most of the latter remain utterly incomprehensible to humans).


  • The Burden of Beastmen OM was updated at some point. However, a notice of this was not released until 4/20/2023. More rewards (including the Sharp Claws and Precise Strike mods) became available on this date.