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More than You Bargained For
Level 19 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Mission Start A Mobile Phone
Mission End Objective Completion

The strange call is from "panicked tourists" in Snake Gulch. They may need help. You can start by investigating the location that was transmitted to the cell phone. It shows the "tourists" in the northern-most portion of Snake Gulch on the second tier. Proceed with caution.


Investigate strange cell phone call claiming tourists are endangered.


  • Rescue the Tourists?
    • Investigate "Panicked-Tourist" Location
    • Fight VIPER's Trap! (0/5)

Mission Notes[]

  • The mobile phone call is a trap. Investigating the mission area reveals Desert Hikers belonging to VIPER being harassed bu Cowboy Robots. Entering the vicinity draws the attention of the Robots, as well as hidden VIPER soldiers.


  • 9,300 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 25 Resource