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Morgaine the Mystic

A member of the Crimelords supervillain team.


Morgaine Drury can’t remember a time when she couldn’t work magic — when the forces of the elements weren’t hers to command. One of her earliest memories is of lying on her bed as a little girl, using carefully-controlled puffs of wind to make the mobile hanging from her ceiling spin around and around. But even as a little girl she was smart enough to know she had to hide her mystic gifts from others. As Morgaine grew up, she decided the best way to use her powers was to make a lot of money. She became Morgaine the Mystic, a stage magician, and used her spells to create “illusions” that baffled the experts and entertained audiences. Before long she was commanding high prices for her performances and seemed to be on her way to the top. Then a rival magician figured out what she was doing and exposed her. Overnight fame and adulation turned to vilification... and then unemployment. She’d never been good at saving for a rainy day, so it only took a few months for her to go from living the high life to the brink of poverty. By that point she’d had enough of society and its rules. It was time for her to look out for herself, and be damned to anyone who tried to stop her. Fashioning herself a costume based on her old magician’s outfit, she transformed herself from performing prestidigitator to supervillain. After working independently for a while, she met Tiger Lily and Dreadnaught, and soon entered into a professional and personal relationship with them. Eventually her jealousy over the other two’s close connection drove her back to solo crime, but when they contacted her about joining the Crimelords she decided the time had come to work with others once more.


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