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A supervillainess who has the ability to change her shape in nearly any way. She can transform her body into animal forms or into other materials (like metals or liquids), flawlessly imitate the appearance of other people, and the like. There seem to be few limits on her shapechanging powers; she can even stretch and distort her body.


The supervillainess the world calls Morph isn’t even human. Unbeknownst to anyone — including herself — she comes from a dimension called Xargann whose advanced and sophisticated people naturally possess shapeshifting powers. A Xargann scientist, eager to experience life among the “unchanging” whom she’d viewed in her transdimensionscope, designed a device to transport her to Earth by causing her to be born to a human woman and grow up a human child. But two things went wrong with her plan. The first was a rival scientist who, jealous of her accomplishments, sabotaged the transporter device. As a result, Morph was born and grew up without ever accessing the knowledge of her true self and background which she’d “programmed” into her mind. Second, knowing little of Earth, she chose her host family poorly. Rather than picking a pair of responsible, mature, loving parents, she ended up with Rob and Cindy Markham, two of the most selfish people imaginable. Rob was a four-time loser with a record of petty (and occasionally not-so-petty) crime as long as his arm, Cindy a prostitute and junkie. Growing up in that sort of “family,” it’s not surprising that “Tabitha Markham” learned to look out for herself pretty fast. When her native shapechanging abilities manifested at age 13 (as “programmed”), she realized right away they were her meal ticket. At 15 she ran away from home, supporting herself with the proceeds of the robberies she could effortlessly pull with her powers. By the time she was 18 she was a well�known member of the Superhuman World, codenamed Morph. She’s been captured three times, and once Stronghold even kept her imprisoned for almost six months... but inevitably she finds a way to use her powers to free herself and plague the world once more.


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