Champions Online Wiki

Base Statistics[]

The base Statistics for this Framework are Dexterity and Ego


Tier 0[]

No Requirements

Icon Name Type Description
Gunslinger Energy Builder Gunslinger pulls out a pair of pistols to put down your enemies.
Two-gun Mojo Ranged Attack Two Gun Mojo uses dual pistols to send a rapid stream of fire at your enemies.

Tier 1[]

Requires 1 power from Munitions or 2 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Assault Rifle Ranged Attack The Assault Rifle is an adaptable weapon, able to fire short or long bursts as the situation requires.
Bullet Beatdown Close Attack This gun kata uses all the resources at your disposal to take care of your enemy.
Holdout Shot Ranged Attack When you've thrown everything at them and they're still coming, Holdout Shot can be your saving grace.
Killer Instinct Energy Unlock Killer Instinct drives you through the battle, granting you a burst of energy every time you land a critical hit.
Shotgun Blast Ranged Area Attack Shotgun unloads a powerful blast into any enemies in front of you.
Submachinegun Burst Ranged Area Attack Submachine gun fires a continuous spray of bullets at anything standing in your way.

Tier 2[]

Requires 3 powers from Munitions or 5 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Breakaway Shot Movement Breakaway shot is an effective means of removing yourself from melee range of your enemies while sending them something to remember you by.
Frag Grenade Ranged Area Attack Sometimes you just need a grenade to properly take care of your enemies.
Gatling Gun Ranged Attack There are times when a few pistol shots or an assault rifle just won't cut it. For those times, there's the solid stream of bullets from the Gatling Gun.
Lock N Load Buff Self Lock and Load prepares you for the upcoming fight.
Mini Mines Close Area Attack When setting up a battlefield Mini Mines can be a helpful tool in weakening your enemies before they can even reach you.
Rocket Ranged Area Attack Using a launcher you fire a high explosive at your enemies.
Smoke Grenade Crowd Control If you need to sneak around or just need an escape plan, Smoke Grenade could be just what you need.

Tier 3[]

Requires 5 powers from Munitions or 8 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Lead Tempest Ranged Area Attack When you're surrounded by enemies, the ability to surround yourself with a storm of bullets can be all you need.
Sniper Rifle Ranged Attack The pinpoint accuracy of a sniper is the culmination of years of marksmanship training.
This rifle attack must be completely charged to fire. It does heavy damage to the target and has a chance to stun. Purchasing additional ranks of this power increases the chance to stun and the amount of damage done.

Tier 4[]

Requires 10 powers from Gadgeteer and completion of Vibora Bay Crisis


Icon Name Type Description
Implosion Engine Ranged Area Attack You throw an Implosion Engine, a device that generates a massive gravitational vortex in a very small area, sucking in nearby matter, and dealing significant dimensional damage.