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Nemesis Confrontation is a special lair obtained from UNITY. There are several things that make the Nemesis Confrontation unusual: it contains the nemesis of every member of the team, it has it's own set of enemies, each with their own set of rogues gallery perks, and the mission for it (Skipping the Rift) is repeatable. Though the max level for players is level 40, almost all of the enemies inside Nemesis confrontation are level 43.


Arena Guards[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Nem Con Perk Novicius Defeat 25 Arena Guards 10
Nem Con Perk Palus Defeat 75 Arena Guards 25
Nem Con Perk Primus Palus Defeat 200 Arena Guards 50

Alien Gladiators[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Nem Con Perk Secutor Defeat 25 Alien Gladiators 10
Nem Con Perk Hoplomachus Defeat 75 Alien Gladiators 25
Nem Con Perk Murmillo Defeat 200 Alien Gladiators 50

Shadow Destroyer[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Vanquished Shadow Destroyer Shadow Destroyer Defeat Shadow Destroyer 100
Perk Vanquished Shadow Destroyer In Qliphotic Phase Dimensional Destroyer Defeat Shadow Destroyer in the Qliphothic Realm 100