Champions Online Wiki
Identity Mark Whitaker
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction None
Base of Operation Unknown
Powers Boomerangs, Stealth, Bolas, Fighting Claws, Acrobatics

A former member of The Champions superteam.

The Nighthawk Event[]

In the Nighthawk event players are introduced to a vehicles and a new powerset, Night Avenger. Players get to use special fighting claws much like Nighthawk to slash through their enemies. Players can also aid in the Nighthawk investigation where a series of brutal beatings on small time crooks and innocents are all connected to the vigilante, Nighthawk and a warrant is out for his arrest.

After completing the investigation you and Nighthawk discover it was Franklin Stone of Advanced Concept Industries, or ACI you then go to Stone Labs where Stone activates Code Delta and escapes into his jet. Nighthawk calls down a few Hawkwing fighter jets for you to persue Stone once its done you meet with Defender on the roof of Stone's penthouse while Nighthawk disappears into the night.


Nighthawk how he appears in-game.