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Numbers Game
Level 20 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Stein VIPER Nest
Mission Start VIPER Scientist's Data Pad
Mission End Dr. Greg Lenk

Mission Chain

VIPER Scientist's Data Pad
  • [20] Numbers Game
VIPER Bomb Technician Schedules

Dr. Greg Lenk

From the Datapad you found, it looks like VIPER particle physicists are trying to turn Dr. Blank's formula into a radioactive biological agent. Then they'll launch missiles of the stuff into the atmosphere... Unless you get bomb codes to stop the missile launches. You can get the codes from the physicists within Project Stein's base, but you can find others around the missile silos in southern Sidewinder's Spur.


Defeat 5 VIPER Particle Physicists and obtain Bomb Sequencing Codes


On Completion[]

Nice work. Of course, you realize obtaining the codes is only half of the mission. We still need to input the codes to stop the launch sequence.

- Dr. Greg Lenk


  • 9,700 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 50 Resource


Choose One:
PO Mission Radioactive Container V04 Flash Point PO Items Science Accessories 15 V1 Ascii Oakley's Frozen Heart
PO Items Mysticism Hats 10 V2 Qliphotic Headband PO Items Mysticism Chest 07 V5 Ancient Mummy Wrappings


Perk Objective[]

Lore VIPER Project:Stein