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Open missions are missions out in the open that can be completed any time by anyone. They consist of several objectives, usually getting harder and harder. After the first objective is complete, the objectives after that will usually have a timer, and if any of the timers reach zero, the mission is failed. If all the objectives are completed, players will be awarded varying amounts of EXP and an item, and how much EXP and what item depend on how much the player contributed to the mission. Win or lose, after the mission is done a timer will start, counting down how long until the mission resets and can be completed again. Unlike regular missions, open missions are represented by a blue ring on the map, instead of a green one.

Open missions (incomplete list)[]

Bullet Bound For Biselle (Millennium City)

Destroids Rise Again! (Millennium City)

Jailbreak (Millennium City)

Asciing for Trouble (The Desert)

Hang 'Em High (The Desert)

Nadir of the Invaders (The Desert)

Reign of Frogs (Canada)

Undead on Arrival (Canada)

Burden of Beastmen (Monster Island)

Great Barrier Grief (Monster Island)

Ship of Fouls (Lemuria)

Plunder the Sea (Lemuria)

Trumping the Shark (mission no longer exists)

Cleaning up the 'Hood (mission no longer exists)