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Origin of the Black Stones
Level 9 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Mission Start Witchcraft
Mission End Witchcraft

Mission Chain

Unmistakably Evil, Black Stone


  • [09] Origin of the Black Stones

The black stone is a truly evil portent indeed... Gather more malignant black stones from the spirits of Burnside, and it will weaken the enemy. Any of the ghosts of Burnside might have one. Take my Espial Salve and 10 stones to a ghostly campfire to reveal their origin.

- Witchcraft


Defeat ghosts in Burnside to find malignant black stones.


The ghostly fire is located in front of the building at the north end of the town

In Progress[]

Keep looking for the malignant black stones. Any of the spirits in Burnside might have one in its possession. Oh my, that was not an intentional pun, I assure you.

- Witchcraft

On Completion[]

You have done much to aide this cursed community. I am very grateful for your efforts here, {name}. But your most dangerous task is still ahead of you.

- Witchcraft


  • 4,600 Exp
  • 70 Resource