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Level 18 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Previous Mission Completion
Mission End Objective Completion

Mission Chain

Michael Scott Beck

Evan Fox

You attempt to power down the computer, but receive a warning that doing so could produce a backlash of neural feedback so intense it could wip all Millennium City off the map.

Examining the computer, you see a map of Adina Monroe's "psychic landscape" which is where her subconscious has retreated. It was originally a picturesque park where Adina had some of her happiest memories. The park is now corrupt, a twisted version of what it once was. You know that if you are not able to save this powerful young protopath, the corruption seen in this mental memory will soon be mirrored in reality, and it will only spread.

Quickly you reprogram the computer to create a portal into Adina Monroe's psychic landscape, where you must defeat some of her nightmare creations and eventually face an astral aspect of Monroe. This aspect has been driven to madness by ARGENT's cruelty and mental manipulation and you must defeat if you have any hope of restoring Adina Monroe to sanity.


In order to rescue Adina Monroe, defeat the PSI "psycho figments" to free the "proto-matter" from them. Once you have enough you should be able to revive Adina.


Mission Notes[]

  • Once you enter Adina Monroe's Mindscape the remaining mission objectives take the form of an open mission that occurs within the instanced mission map.

On Completion[]

I'm sorry, ARGENT took control of my mind and so I retreated deep within my subconscious. Without even knowing it, I lashed out, and started transforming reality. I would have destroyed everything! Including myself.

You saved me, {name}, even though PSI is one of your sworn enemies! And you've shown me what it means to be a hero. I'm never going to forget what you did today, {name}, and the bravery you've shown.

I'm going to restore this park back to the way it's SUPPOSED to be, and I'm going to ditch those losers in PSI, and start using my powers for good!

- Adina Monroe