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PSI-lent but Deadly
Level 18 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Michael Scott Beck
Mission End Evan Fox

Mission Chain

Michael Scott Beck

  • [18] PSI-lent but Deadly

Evan Fox

I just got a call from my undercover source at ARGENT! PSI is attacking ARGENT headquarters and they are out for blood. Look, you know I've got no love for ARGENT, but I'd rather see them behind bars than in graves. {name}, can you get over to ARGENT HQ and stop this attack by PSI before it gets tragically out of hand? Major Bonilla, my ARGENT mole will get you in.

- Michael Scott Beck



In Progress[]

My source at ARGENT says the HQ is on lockdown, but PSI has almost broken through their defenses and infiltrated the compound. This is going to end up a bloodbath until you get in there and stop PSI's rampage.

- Michael Scott Beck

NPC Rendezvous[]

Come on, I'll get you inside.

- Major Bonilla

On Completion[]

There are no more PSI past this point, so we won't be bothering you anymore.

- Evan Fox


  • 8,800 Exp
  • 83 Resource