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A member of the supervillain team Eurostar


Aldo Sanchietti was a brilliant biologist and geneticist... but also one with some very peculiar ideas. Looking at the animal kingdom, Sanchietti saw so much to admire: swiftness, strength, acute senses, natural weapons, defensive adaptations — the list was practically endless. And then he looked at humans and was disgusted. Of course humanity had intelligence, but what matters intelligence in the battle for survival? Humans were weak; they’d be much better with more animal characteristics. Sanchietti began experimenting with manipulating human DNA to introduce animal characteristics, and with fusing animal DNA to human genes. He kept his work secret for a while, but eventually the university found out and he was summarily dismissed for numerous severe ethical violations. The university promised not to bring the matter to the attention of the police if he’d just disappear for good. Railing against his peers’ “lack of vision,” Sanchietti continued working on his own, using pilfered equipment and whatever other resources he could scrape together. Fortunately, he had two significant advantages. The first was his young daughter Carla Rosita, who would make the perfect test subject for his work. The second was the secret patronage of Danar Nicole, better known as the supervillain Fiacho, who saw much promise in Sanchietti’s work. With Eurostar money backing him, the fanatical geneticist soon had his own top-notch laboratory facilities. A few years of hard work followed... and then, success! A long series of drug therapies, gene splicing treatments, and other experimental procedures slowly but surely transformed Carla into Sanchietti’s perfect epitome of humanity: a woman as much cat as human, with fingernails like claws, feline senses, and a predatory instinct. But the proud father had done his work too well — one day while he was working with Carla, training her hunting skills and senses by letting her stalk mice around the lab, she turned on him, killing him as casually as she killed the mice. As luck would have it, Fiacho dropped by the Sanchietti villa the next day on one of his periodic visits. Carla attacked him too, but he was much better equipped than Dr. Sanchietti to defend himself. Christening the now-unconscious catwoman Pantera, he set the villa on fire and then carried her out to a new life in Eurostar.