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Pelting Irradiate
Pelting Irradiate
Faction Irradiate
Level 5
Zone Desert Disaster
Faction Symbol Irradiate 001
We set up some suppression turrets to drive back the Irradiates attacking Project Greenskin, but the blasted machines overheat and short out in the desert sun. If you could check them and get the turrets back online, maybe we'll have a chance to stop the Irradiate offensive!
- Robert Kaufman -- Quest Introductory Text: A Question of Suppression

Pelting Irradiates specialize in ranged combat, preferring to hurl balls of radioactive energy at opponents from a distance and retreating out of melee when able. They can be found outside the broken gates of Project Greenkin, where they battle the PRIMUS agents and sentry turrets dispatched by Director Kaufman to stop the Irradiate attack.

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