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Perks for a Job Well Done!!!
Level 12 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone Renaissance Center
Mission Start Defender
Mission End Perks Costume Quartermaster

Welcome back to Millennium City, {name}. UNTIL likes to give perks to the best and bravest heroes, and you proved yourself when the Qularr invaded. You can find the Perks Quartermasters here in Ren Center. Go over and introduce yourself. I told them to expect you, {name}.

- Defender


Defender welcomes you to Millennium City and introduces you to the Perks Quartermasters.


In Progress[]

Have you spoken with the Perks Quartermasters yet, {name}?

- Defender

On Completion[]

Hey, {name}. My partner and I have been hearing good things about you. Defender said to give you this. Come back and see us soon. We've got terrific things for truly great heroes.

- Perks Costume Quartermaster


  • 600 Exp
  • 37 Resource


You Will Also Receive:
PU Perk Costume 001a Mantle of UNTIL