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Light-manipulating supervillainess.



Colleen Dewey was a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in astronomy. To improve her ability to study the stars, she learned how to design new, improved lenses for her telescopes. Her peers scoffed at her, but she claimed her lenses made the heavens come through much more clearly. Late one evening, Dewey was scanning the heavens on her normal schedule, using an all-new lens she’d just created that day with some new procedures and supplies she’d never tried before. Suddenly, she chanced across something... odd. Smack in the middle of Orion, where it had no right to be, there was an unusual patch of bright light. It didn’t look quite like a star, or anything else she’d ever seen. She focused in on it, watching intently, wondering if she’d just discovered something that would get her name in the journals. Then the light flared, and there was a white flash inside Dewey’s mind, and she passed out. She awakened several hours later. At first she thought dawn was breaking, but then she realized she was the one glowing, not the eastern horizon. Her whole body was emitting a field of soft, yellow light. Panic started to rise within her mind — what had happened to her? — and it only increased as the field began to get brighter. Soon she was curled into a ball, her hands pressed over her eyes, trying to shut out the light, but it was too bright. Something snapped in Dewey’s mind that night. Maybe whatever changed her physically affected her psychologically as well, or maybe her conscious and subconscious terror over what had happened to her did the trick, but the result was the same. She went from being an ordinary, law-abiding graduate student to a callous criminal. With her incredible light-based powers to help her, she’s committed numerous robberies and various other forms of mayhem, not hesitating to blast the police or any superheroes who got in her way. Though she doesn’t pose as much of a threat as the likes of Gravitar or Firewing, she’s still a force to be reckoned with, and every year she seems to get more powerful


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