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A supervillain with disease infliction powers. His very touch can afflict someone with a fatal disease. His ability to cause epidemics makes him one of the dangerous supervillains on the planet.


Vince Conti was the ultimate stoner. He had a trust fund instead of a job, so he spent all his time getting high. Usually he stuck to relatively mild drugs like pot and coke, but when the mood took him he’d go for heroin, meth, LSD, or whatever the designer drug of the week was. You name it, Vince had tried it — and probably introduced a dozen other people to it. One day one of Vince’s stoner pals dared him to take a whole bunch of different pills at once. Vince was always up to try a new drug experience, so he said, “Sure, what the hell,” and tossed them back with shots of tequila. He reclined back on the couch and waited to see what it was going to feel like. He began to feel a little weird... then a lot weird.... The next thing he knew it was late morning. He still felt weird... then he felt sick. He made it to the bathroom just before he threw up. He was there a long time, but when he was done he felt a lot better. He went back into the living room; there were still a couple people there. One of them was a cute blonde he remembered having fun with the night before, so he touched her shoulder and tried to gently shake her awake. She didn’t wake up at first... and then he recoiled in horror as disgusting sores appeared on her shoulder where he had touched her. They started to spread over her body. She woke up then, screaming in pain, and ran for the bathroom herself — but she fell over dead before she ever reached it, her body looking like she was the victim of the worst plague mankind had ever encountered. Completely confused, and still loopy from the drugs, Vince grabbed some clothes and some cash and got the hell out of there. He drove to his mountain cabin. A little bit of experimentation with the dogs and horses... and then with the servants... confirmed his worst fears: he’d become some sort of disease carrier. Whatever it was, he could unleash it on people with just a touch, and he could control how sick they got from it. That was the beginning of the downward spiral that eventually led to the supervillain Plague. At first Vince was slightly repulsed by his powers and tried not to use them, but in time they became more and more intriguing and he became less and less concerned with the value of human life. Today he works as a henchman and assassin for any supervillain brave enough to hire a man who literally carries the death of millions in his hands


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