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Innate Characteristics[]

Helix.png Mechanized
This is the innate characteristic for Powered Armor.
+5 Constitution +5 Endurance +12 Strength +5 Dexterity
+12 Intelligence +5 Ego +5 Presence +5 Recovery


Official link: Champions Online - Power Sets - Power Armor

Basic Power Armor Guide

Description []

You are a versatile hero, with equally strong offense and defense.

You can use a multitude of weapon systems, activated individually or simultaneously, to create an overwhelming wave of firepower. Faster than any other class, you can become invulnerable to the attacks of weaker enemies.

You can work well on your own or with a team, thanks to your multi-weapon toggle framework and "Targeting Computer."

Multi-Weapon System Activation[]

One of the major advantages of the Power Armor set is its ability to activate multiple weapon systems at a time. When using Power Armor powers, take note which slot the weapon system occupies. You are able to fire a weapon from your hand, shoulder and chest simultaniously. For instance, you could be shooting a Concussor Beam, an Eye Beam, and Micro Munitions all simultaneously (assuming you have the energy for it).

Also note that PA's Energy Builder has a unique advantage called "Automated Assault" which has pros and cons specific to how you build your PA hero.


Tier 0[]

No Requirements

Icon Name Type Description
Wrist Bolter Energy Builder Wrist Bolter uses wrist mounted particle cannons to rain destruction down on your enemies.
Power Gauntlet Ranged Attack Power Gauntlet uses your gloves as a point to focus particle energy before using it to blast away any foes in your path.

Tier 1[]

Requires 1 power from Power Armor or 2 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Eye Beam Ranged Attack Eye Beam shoots particle beams from each eye, causing destruction to any target in your gaze.
Invulnerability Buff Self Your armor makes you nearly immune to the attacks of weaker foes.
Energy Shield Block Energy Shield utilizes a sophisticated energy projector to generate a protective barrier in front of you.
Laser Sword Close Attack Laser Sword creates a sword of pure particle energy in your hand for rapid attacks against the enemy.
Concussor Beam Ranged Attack Concussor Beam shoots particle beams from the palms of your hands at your target.
Micro Munitions Ranged Area Attack Micro Munitions fires volleys of laser guided missles at whatever is unfortunate enough to be your target.
Targeting Computer Buff Self Your Targeting Computer allows you to track multiple targets in battle and their corresponding weak points.

Tier 2[]

Requires 3 powers from Power Armor or 5 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Unbreakable Buff Self Through a focused effort you are able to shrug off attacks without harm.
Mini Gun Ranged Attack Mini Gun fires a withering line of deadly lead at your target with enough power to go through the target and strike enemies behind them.

Tier 3[]

Requires 5 powers from Power Armor or 8 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Chest Beam Ranged Attack Chest Beam fires an unstoppable particle blast of destruction at your enemy.
Shoulder Launcher Ranged Area Attack Shoulder Launcher uses a shoulder mounted rocket launcher to fire an explosive rocket at your enemies. It takes several seconds for the rocket to lock on and fire.

Tier 4[]

Requires 10 powers from Gadgeteer and completion of Vibora Bay Crisis

Icon Name Type Description
Implosion Engine Ranged Area Attack You throw an Implosion Engine, a device that generates a massive gravitational vortex in a very small area, sucking in nearby matter, and dealing significant dimensional damage.