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A Power Set, or Framework, is a pre-defined group of super powers in the Champions Online game. Unlike most other MMOs, a framework does not have a "required" group of powers, but are grouped by a theme and most of the powers in any framework gain bonuses from just two statistics. Players are able to choose up to 14 powers total from any framework in Champions Online, resulting in thousands of possible combinations. Focusing on one Framework allows you to reach its higher tiers sooner.

Existing Frameworks[]

Currently, there are 24 total frameworks:

How they work[]

Throughout their career, a hero will earn different points to purchase additional powers and upgrades:

See Level Progression and Suggested Stats for Frameworks

Power Points[]

Players can use power points to purchase new powers. Powers are divided into four tiers:

  • Tier 0: No prerequisite.
  • Tier 1: At least 1 in a chosen framework, or any 2 non energy building powers.
  • Tier 2: At least 3 in a chosen framework, or any 5 non energy building powers.
  • Tier 3: At least 5 in a chosen framework, or any 8 non energy building powers.
  • Ultimate: At least level 35 and have the power unlocked. Heroes may only have 1 Ultimate. Several of the Ultimate powers are obtained through lockboxes, for sale on the Auction House from other players, or from unlocks with event currency.

Advantage Points[]

Players will also be given 36 advantage points in order to spend on their powers in order to upgrade them. These upgrades can be either increased ranks or secondary effects (called "Advantages)." Up to five advantage points can be used to enhance a power.

Travel Power Points[]

Players will earn two (2) travel power points to purchase two Travel Powers to be used to enhance their hero's mobility: one at level 5, the other at level 35. Currently, there are 13 travel powers to choose from.

Talent Points[]

Players will earn 6 Talent Points to enhance their character with, in addition to the Innate Characteristic chosen at character creation. These talents increase a character's base stats. Talents can increase one stat, two stats, four stats, five stats, or all 8 stats.

Characteristic Focus Points[]

At character levels 6, 10, and 15, a hero will gain a Characteristic Focus, which defines their Super Stats. These stats gain a huge boost that scales with the character's level - these focuses also define which Statistics increase the damage of your hero's attacks.

All Powers[]


    Explore the new Celestial Powerset. Use the power of the Seraphim to heal and strengthen your allies, or release the fury of the Nephilim in a battle against evil.

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