Power Up
Level 6 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Mission Start Defender
Mission End Powerhouse Trainer

I believe you have more potential than you have so far revealed, {name}, but you may need some help in unlocking those hidden abilities.

There is a facility here called the Powerhouse. It's not hard to find, just look for a giant rotating gear with a crackling ball of energy near the center of Renaissance Center. That crackling ball is actually a teleportation device that will transfer you to the Powerhouse itself.

You should go there and speak with one of the trainers. They can help you discover any new powers you may have developed.

- Defender

Summary[edit | edit source]

Visit the Powerhouse at Millennium City. Talk to the trainer there and purchase a new power, travel power, and superstat.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Enter the Powerhouse in Ren Cen
  • Speak to a Trainer

In Progress[edit | edit source]

Have you visited the Powerhouse yet?

- Defender

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 320 Exp
  • 40 Resource.jpg
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