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Mission given in Millennium City by Defender

Mission offered at location {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}

Mission location at Millennium City Prison

Appropriate Level: Your current level

Complete mission by speaking to: Defender

Mission Briefing[]

Hero!, You're just in time!. Nemesis was awaiting transfer to Stronghold, when his whole gang attacked the jail in an effort to break out their boss! Get over there and try to make sure they don't succeed, Hero!


Enter the prison and try to stop the henchmen from releasing your Nemesis

Jail Break Chaos!

  • Rescue the Injured Guards (12/12)
  • Find the Warden
  • Defuse the Explosive!
  • Defeat Green Dragon*
  • Activate the Halon System
  • Defeat Vengeance

  • This part is optional; only necessary if you didn't defuse the explosive in time. Green Dragon can still be fought at the end of the mission if you did defuse it.

You will receive:[]

  • 14,800 Exp
  • 5 Resource100 10 Resource
  • 14 Nemesis Tokens

Important Info[]

This is a mission where you encounter your Nemesis. First room has a usable console. Prisoners who are still in jail during the break out: Scalpel (Super Villain), Torment (Supervillain) Herculan (Freindly)