Professor Muerte
Identity Hernan Cortez
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Terror, Incorporated
Base of Operation Unknown
Powers Unknown

Professor Muerte is a villain in the Champions Universe. A former disciple of Doctor Destroyer.

Champions RPGEdit

1982 Professor Muerte

Professor Muerte (1982)

Professor Muerte was introduced in the Enemies II supplement book as the leader of Terror, Incorporated.

Hernan Cortez had an ambition to match his famous name. He found the normal life of his Argentinean peers dull and boring, and gravitated towards the rather exotic Nazi refugee colony in Buenos Aires. There he met Dr. Albert Zerstoiten, who was to become notorious as Dr. Destroyer. Hernan idolized Dr. Zerstoiten so much that in a fit of hero worship, he willfully set himself on fire to match his mentor’s injuries. Dr. Destroyer created a set of life-support equipment for his follower, and continued to school him in the technology of destruction. As with all such associations, particularly with two such unstable participants, Hernan broke off from Dr. Destroyer and styled himself Professor Muerte. He decided that a career of world-conquering would suit him, and he set himself up as an international terrorist, gathering other super powered villains to his side and operating under the name of Terror, Incorporated.