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Prospector Fred C
Prospector Fred C. DOS
Faction Cowboy Robot
Level 19
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 001
You might want to clear out of town while the gettin' is good, stranger. Robot prospector Fred C. DOS was never what you call friendly, but lately he's been acting plumb loco! He aims to blow Snake Gulch off the map, and he's got enough dynamite to do it! The action is all taking place at the bottom of Snake Gulch.
- Belle Steele -- Mission Introductory Text: Short Circuits and Short Fuses

Fred C. DOS is one of several Cowboy Robots that have begun malfunctioning at the Snake Gulch Amusement Park. Programmed to behave as an old west prospector and in possession of a substantial quantity of dynamite, he and his helpers have set out to destroy the Park and everything within it.


Mission Objective[]


Perk Objective[]

Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 001
Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 002 Buckaroo
Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 003 Cowpuncher

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