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Mission given in Millennium City by Kinetik ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Appropriate Level: 20

Recommended team: 2 players

Complete mission by speaking to: Kinetik ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Mission Briefing[]

Hero, I've got some pretty bad news. One of MCPD's finest Corporal Antoine Harrison, is currently mind-controlled by the PSI supervillain Medusa!

Medusa has been exploiting people and superheroes through Harrison to PSI's benefit.

It gets worse, Hero, Medusa had a secret identity within the City Administration, under the name Madeline Bell. She's been giving officials false information about the whereabouts of the Mayor's daughter and working to keep us from finding her.


Look near the offices of Mind, Inc. for the supervillainess Medusa. Defeat her to release her mental control over Corporal Antoine Harrison.

You will receive:[]

0 Exp
0 Resource100 0 Resource (Resources earned modified by Hero's level)

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Light a Candle; Electrokinetic Shield; Indomitable Spirit; Ego Tower; Psionic Echoes

Important Info[]

Defeating Medusa earns the Rogue Gallery perk Vanquished Medusa