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Purple With Rage
Purple With Rage
Lore Perk (Uncategorized Lore)
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Perk Points 0

"Purple With Rage" is a Lore Perk that can be earned within the West Side neighborhood of Millennium City. The New Purple Gang is making a move to unite all of West Side's gangs under one banner, in order to wage a war on the organization known as PSI.


Westside's New Purple Gang is about to make a move, and it's up to you to stop them.



"Purple With Rage" can be earned by completing a set of six missions. Most of these missions are part of a single mission chain, begun by Police Chief Surhoff and concluded by FBI Special Agent Kodiak. Two of these missions, "Your Friends on the Force" and "Detroit River Bound," are outside of the mission chain and must be completed separately.

Lore Entry[]

With the New Purple gang on the offensive against every other gang, Westside was a powderkeg waiting to explode. The only option was to crack down on the New Purple gang before they ruled the streets. You worked with cops on patrol, you talked to underworld informants in Leo's bar, and even worked briefly with members of other gangs to keep the New Purple gang from wiping them out. Noting your success, the FBI superhuman agent Kodiak took you in to confidence about his latest operation. After disguising yourself as a member of the New Purple Gang, you launched a surprise raid against the arms maker Waylon Talos hoping to cut off the New Purple Gang's weapon supply, but instead you found out something far worse: in his mad quest for revenge against the psychic organization PSI, Poe had acquired a psionic bomb which could take out all of PSI - but would also destroy the minds of everyone on Westside! You attacked the New Purple Gang's base. Poe got a way, but he'd left the villain Tachyon to protect the bomb. You were able to defeat him and defuse the bomb, but this isn't over. Kevin Poe must be stopped.


Perk Objective[]

Lore The PSI Conspiracy