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Identity Qwyjibo
Race Manimal
Gender Male
Faction none
Base of Operation Monster Island
Powers Various fire powers


Qwyjibo was one of the many manimals Dr. Moreau created in his drive to create his own personal army. As a gorilla, Qwyjibo was quite naturally strong, and should have been an ideal soldier for Moreau. However, much like Dr. Silverback, another gorilla manimal Moreau made, Qwyjibo began to question Moreau’s way of life. Qwyjibo simply didn’t take to evil. He was naturally good.

When the New Knights of the Round Table attacked Dr. Moreau’s base of operations on Monster Island, Qwyjibo was among the Manimals who turned against Moreau and helped them. He was also among the manimals who decided to stay on the island and create their own peaceful society.

Qwyjibo helped found the manimal village of New Gornyj on Monster Island. While he believed in a peaceful society, he was also perfectly willing to fight to defend the village and his fellow manimals. He wasn’t as intelligent as Dr. Silverback, but he was just as noble and determined to do good in the world.

Unfortunately for Qwyjibo, just such a crisis occurred. He fought to protect New Gornyj, but in the process something went horribly wrong. He was given the choice to save his village, or save himself. He willingly sacrificed himself for the good of his fellow manimals. However, far worse than dying, he survived and became something truly monstrous in the process.

About Qwyjibo[]

The Qwyjibo who fought Dr. Moreau and co-founded a peaceful manimal settlement is no more. In his place is a ravening monster. He cannot be allowed to rampage through the world. Knowing that he became this monster out of noble sacrifice makes it all the worse. No true hero wants to kill Qwyjibo, but someone must stop him.


Perk Vanquished QwyjiboVanquished Qwyjibo


  • Qwyjibo's name comes from an episode of the Simpsons in which Bart made up the name in order to get out of a game of Scrabble, but spelled with a K instead of a Q. According to Bart, the definition of Kwyjibo is "A big, dumb, balding, North American ape with no chin." to which Marge adds "And a short temper." Realizing this means him, Homer chases Bart who promptly says "Uh-oh, Kwyjibo on the loose!"