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Raiders on the Storm
Raiders on the Storm
Lore Perk
Zone Canada in Crisis
Perk Points 10

Raiders on the Storm is a Lore Perk.


A strange storm has brought down an airliner, and unnatural creatures are hindering the rescue effort.


"Raiders on the Storm" can be earned by completing a series of missions. Progressing naturally through quests within the Canada in Crisis zone will take a character through them all. It is exclusive to the Canada in Crisis event, and cannot be claimed after a character completes the mission "Into the Storm." Like all Lore Perks, it is accompanied by a Lore entry.


NOTE: Verification needed that all five missions are required for this perk.

Lore Entry

Fresh from the battle in Millennium City and the stunning revelation of Dr. Destroyer's potential return, you found little time to rest or ponder what you'd learned. For to the north in the wilds of Canada an airliner had been brought down in a supernatural storm. Rushing to investigate, you arrived at Force Station Steelhead, the training base for the brave lawmen of the RCMP's Steelhead division. But all was not well. The spectral tempest had brought with it a horde of ice demons intent on wiping out both the survivors and the steelheads.

Undaunted, you entered the fray, saving civilians and fighting off the Ice Demons. You were able to summon forth Tulzorgat, the demon leading the attack, and defeat him. But that wasn't the end of it. You learned from the enigmatic Shaman Ravenspeaker that some madman was trying to awaken Kigatilik, One of the Great Demons of the North! You traveled to the demon's prison plane, but arrived to late to stop the beast from being freed by Rakshasa, the deadly shape-shifting mentalist and known acolyte of Dr. Destroyer!

In that place between worlds where supernatural cold threatened to freeze men into ice, you dueled and defeated Rakshasa. But even in defeat his message was clear: Dr. Destroyer returns, and this is only a taste of the destruction he will bring with him. You returned to the wilds of Canada as the storm cleared. But the threat of Dr. Destroyer was already darkening the horizon. You'll have to be ready.