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Super Villain
Level 7
Instance Frost Tomb
The scroll contains orders drom Dr. Destroyer to his servant Rakshasa, commanding him to go into a dimension known as the Frost Tomb and awaken the sleeping demon-god Kigatilik. The scroll also contains a spell to access a portal into the Frost Tomb.

I must remain here and use my powers to keep the storm at bay, so it falls to you to go into this Portal into the Frost Tomb dimension and attempt to stop Rakshasa from waking Kigatilik. At the very least, defeat Destroyer's treacherous servant Rakshasa.

- Ravenspeaker -- Mission Introductory Text: Into the Storm

Rakshasa has been ordered by Doctor Destroyer to travel to Canada, given the task of awakening the dormant demon-god Kigatilik. It is his actions within the Frost Tomb that have brought a supernatural blizzard down upon Force Station Steelhead, as well as cause the crash of the passenger jet Oceanica Flight 408. If Steelhead and all those within are to be saved, Rakshasa must be stopped.

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Vanquished Vanquished Rakshasa

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