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Redstone (rime woods)
Identity Rick Baumgardner
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction VIPER
Base of Operation Canada

A member of VIPER's Dragon Branch from Vancouver, Canada.

In Champions Online[]

Redstone is a General in the organization known as VIPER, and the individual in charge of operations at the research facility known as The Clutch. Masquerading as one Dr. Manfred Klaus, his presence in the region has gone virtually unnoticed. However, the results of his actions are apparent throughout the Rime Woods, in the Canadian Wilderness.

For the articles on the character's appearance in the persistent Canada zone, see: Redstone (rime woods)


Mission Objective

The Rime Woods


Perk Vanquished Redstone Vanquished Redstone

Champions RPG[]

A member of VIPER's Dragon Branch and mentioned in the 5th Edition Champions sourcebook, VIPER: Coils of the Serpent.

Redstone (real name: Rick Baumgardner) became the Commandant of the Vancouver VIPER’s Nest in 1998 after killing the former Nest Leader, whom he viewed as weak. The Council Of Thirty apparently agreed, since it approved his “promotion” (though it kept a close eye on him for a few years to make sure he could handle the job).

A skilled cat burglar before he joined VIPER, Redstone tends to favor stealth, sneakiness, and guile over direct confrontation. When dealing with him, one can never be sure what his true objective is or how he intends to achieve it; he usually seems to have plans within plans within plans.

Redstone wears a VIPER uniform, but in red and gold instead of green and yellow. He has dark hair and green eyes and an athletic build.


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