Champions Online Wiki
Super Villain
Faction VIPER
Level 13
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Instance The VIPER Clutch Lab
Faction Symbol VIPER 001
The man in charge of VIPER's research is named Dr. Manfred Klaus. He's holed up in the main Lab facility of the Clutch, and all evidence suggests he is up to something monstrous. I got a feeling there is more to this guy than meets the eye. You need to find some backup and take him down, but be ready for any surprises he might have up his sleeve!
- Dr. Karl Severisen -- Mission Introductory Text: Klaus Unsheathed

Redstone is a general in the organization known as VIPER, and the individual in charge of operations at the research facility known as The Clutch. Masquerading as one Dr. Manfred Klaus, his presence in the region has gone virtually unnoticed. However, the results of his actions are apparent throughout the Rime Woods.

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Perk Vanquished Redstone Vanquished Redstone

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